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Hub Description
Name of Hub
Short Description
Give a short description of the hub, what makes it special in its setup, location or design or share lessons to be learned from the hub. Is the hub a real gamechanger in the transport system? Is it for example a real spacemaking spot in the city, are the services digitally well integrated in a MaaS app or were citizen very involved in developing the hub?
What is realized already? What is planned, when is it planned?
Operation Start (Year)
Operation End (Year)
Chose existing network(s) or type the name of the network and hit ENTER.
Map goes here...
Enter address or move pin around to define the hub's exact location.
Initiation of the hub
Which of the following Public Transport services are available at the hub?
Are there designated areas for the following mobility services?
Bike sharing
Cargo-bike sharing
Moped/scooter sharing
Step/kick scooter sharing
Ride-hailing (e.g. Uber)
Availability of other services:
in acceptable Walking Distance from PT stop (max. 400m)
Information, Visibility and Branding
Place making is about creating a pleasant environment for the users. This can include public furniture such as benches, lanterns, sheltered waiting areas, and pedestrian lighting elements. Placemaking can increase the feeling of belonging and comfort, i.e., safe, secure, in a clean, nice-looking area, where they can meet other people and carry out activities.
Inclusive Design
The Hub is accessible following the minimum legal requirements to persons with physical or mental impairments (e.g. the hub is accessible with a wheelchair).
Design that enables equitable and flexible use accommodating a wide range of individual preferences and abilities; that enables simple and intuitive use, gives perceptible information with effective communication; has a tolerance for error; requires low physical effort; and has the size and space necessary to enable access by different users.
Planner app
Which type of participation method best describes the participation process?
How was the input/participation valued?
Vulnerable users (e.g. People with a low digital skill, reduced mobility, reduced vision and/or reduced cognitive abilities)