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The SmartHubs project examines mobility hubs, dedicated on-street locations where citizens can choose from different shared and sustainable mobility options. learn more...

On this platform you are able to view, edit and compare mobility hub learning examples. Integration levels, developed by the SmartHubs project team, allow standardized benchmarking and the planning of development goals for hubs. For more information on the integration levels see here: Overview on integration levels

Have a look on all hubs in table view or see which hubs are organized in an hub network on the seperate sub-pages: Hubs, Networks. For research and innovation projects with dedicated case study hubs have a look on this sub-page.

in the database: 156 Hubs (9 of which are Case Studies in the SmartHubs Project), 26 Mobility Hub Networks

Mobility Hubs

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Aarhus Central Station
Aarhus, Denmark

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes available using GoTur


Am Glockenbach
Munich, Germany

Carsharing Freefloating 3 parking spaces

Car sharing stationary 3 parking spaces Electric charging infrastructure 2 charging ports (AC) Info desk yes Bicycles MVG Rad Electric bicycles MVG eRad

Privileged parking for e-vehicles 4 parking spaces


Ancoats Mobility Hub
Manchester, United Kingdom

The Ancoats Mobility Hub is an innovative project which seeks to meet a number of neighbourhood aspirations:

-Embedding sustainable transport choices, smart logistics and other shared neighbourhood services into the heart of an emerging neighbourhood. - Delivering on Manchester’s climate, transport and clean air commitments. - Supporting the parking and logistics requirements of the proposed eventual 1,500 new homes in the Poland Street Zone. - Creating a shared platform that can embrace emerging solutions and technologies to enhance the quality of life and community across the wider neighbourhood. Work on the construction of this hub is still ongoing.

Source: and

urban-large planned

Aspern Nord Overview.jpeg
Aspern Nord
Vienna, Austria

public transport node on the northern edge of Seestadt Vienna

urban-small planned

Baden bei Wien Main Station
Baden bei Wien, Austria

The Baden bei Wien railway station (Bahnhof Baden bei Wien) has various mobility offers including access to public transportation: interregional, freight and local trains (e.g. S-Bahn, WLB; ÖBB), and local and regional buses. It also includes carsharing (Bea), ÖBB bicycle sharing and rental, car and bicycle parking, taxi services and an e-charging station. Bike Sharing is located at the train station and on further stations in the city center.


Barcelona Sants
Barcelona, Spain

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes


Bertrange Gare Routière
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Multimodal stop in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, at a village before entering the capital. Offers train and bus connections as well as car and bike sharing (FLEX and Vél'OH respectively). Has not been branded as a dedicated mobility hub.


Smarthubs logo.png
Beylikdüzü Hub
Istanbul, Turkey


Bicike station- Rožna dolina - Škrabčeva street
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bike sharing and bus stop hub


Bikesharing (Bicike) and Car Sharing (Avant2Go) hub
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bike sharing (Bicike) and car sharing (Avant2Go) in Ljubljana


Bologna Central Station
Bologna, Italy

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes


Brno Train Station
Brno, Czech Republic

is the principal railway station in Brno, the largest city in Moravia and the second largest in the Czech Republic. The railway station is situated in the city centre on the site of the former city wall


Budapest Keleti
Budapest, Hungary

Central Train Station


Calderwood Mobility Hub
Calderwood, United Kingdom

Calderwood is a large-scale housing development to the north-east of East Calder in West Lothian by Stirling Developments. The development consists of new homes, business development units and community facilities. It is located 1 mile from Kirknewton station which provides good rail connectivity to Edinburgh, and the X27 express bus service runs through the site also providing strong connections to Edinburgh. Source: CoMoUK (, Calderwood News ( & Calderwood (


Campo Grande
Lisbon, Portugal

One of the five Lisbon's Multimodal Mobility Hubs


Canalejas 360
Madrid, Spain

This hub encompasses the integration of all mobility and last-mile distribution services in the capital. It will provide Madrilenians with the possibility to access the city centre in private or shared electric vehicles to pick up parcels, among other services. This EV charging station has a total of 12 charging points and an installed capacity of 2.5 MW. Four of these points are state-of-the-art ultra-fast chargers with a maximum power of 400 kW. The remaining points include four of 200 kW and four of 50 kW. This is the current standard of optimal loading for most commercial models and which have a special length compatible with logistics vans.

Users will be able to easily charge their EVs through the Electro-EMT application, designed by the EMT for the entire recharging network.

Recharge prices are the following:

0.69 cents per kW/hour for the 400 kW chargers; 0.49 cents kW/hour for the 200 kW chargers; 0.40 cents kW/hour for the 50 kW chargers.

In addition to electric recharging, Canalejas 360 offers electromobility and micro logistics services from companies that will carry out their operations within its facilities. The hub is located next to the pedestrianised Puerta del Sol in the section between Calle Alcalá, Sevilla and Plaza de Canalejas. It occupies the -1 floor, under Sevilla Street and adjacent to the Canalejas complex, and it is a space of about 5,500 m² of the surface


Central railway station Sofia
Sofia, Bulgaria


Brescia stazione.jpg
Central Station Brescia
Brescia, Italy

Central Station with public transportation, bike and car sharing, e-bike and e-car station


Central Station Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia


City Gate
Bucharest, Romania