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ÖBB 360° Korneuburg

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urban neighbourhood hub - small (two shared modes, <10 vehicles)


Korneuburg, Austria
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Physical Integration
Level 1
Definition Level 1 (Acceptable walking distance to shared and public transport): At least two shared transport modes in acceptable walking distance to public transport and at least one service (e.g., shop, parcel locker, kiosk) in acceptable walking distance. Minimum legal inclusive design requirements are considered
Digital Integration
Level 1
Definition Level 1 (Integration of information): Multimodal travel planners can be used to plan mobility offerings at hubs. Minimum inclusive design requirements are considered such as simple and intuitive app design.
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Democratic Integration
Level 1
Definition Level 1 (Appropriate representation of stakeholder interests): Participation takers got asked into a consultation process, Information are recognized. No or limited attention to involve vulnerable user groups.


stationary carsharing
Provider: ÖBB
public transport
long-distance train
Provider: ÖBB
public transport
local/regional train
public transport
local/regional bus
two-wheeler sharing (stationary)
bike sharing
two-wheeler sharing (stationary)
step/kick scooter sharing
Provider: TIER
two-wheeler sharing (stationary)
cargo bike sharing

Mobility-related Services

Public Transport
nearby public transport station
parking (simple)
parking (e)bike
bike services
bike service station

Additional Services

info point
info point about the mobility services
every day items