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Służewiec, Warsaw
urban neighbourhood hub - large


Short Description

First mobility hub in Poland, planned by a MaaS company (Vooom) to complement public transport services.

Private cooperation between real state and MaaS companies.

Cooperation between private companies, like MaaS and real estate.

Operation Start (Year)


Warsaw, Poland
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Physical Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No physical integration): One shared transport mode, not at walking distance to public transport, no integration between the modes. No universal design criteria are considered
The hub is located in a business district close to different public transport stops. However, there is no physical elements that provide orientation to those services and no information regarding the application of universal design principles.
Digital Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No digital integration): No digital integration of shared and public transport mode options offered at the hub. There are separate services and platforms for each mode. No universal design criteria are required
The available app created for the mobility hub includes all the shared modes but no public transport.
Democratic Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No involvement): No involvement or consideration of stakeholder interests and user needs.
2 PT services:
5 shared services:
Bike sharing
Cargo-bike sharing
Moped/scooter sharing
Step/kick scooter sharing
2 mobility-related services:
Parking for private two wheeler vehicles
Information, Visibility and Branding
logo or branding
information pillar/display (with information on using the services)