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Stockholm Central Station
central urban hub (a large hub in the city center, e.g. railway station)


Short Description

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes available using UbiGo

Operation Start (Year)


Stockholm, Sweden
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Physical Integration
Level 2
Definition 2 (Wayfinding and universal design): At least two shared transport modes in acceptable walking distance to public transport with wayfinding and information of using the service and at least two services (e.g., parcel locker, kiosk) in acceptable walking distance. Universal design principles are considered.
> 2 shared transport modes in acceptable walking distance to public transport with wayfinding (i.e., pavement markings) and information of using the service and >1 service in acceptable walking distance
Digital Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No digital integration): No digital integration of shared and public transport mode options offered at the hub. There are separate services and platforms for each mode. No universal design criteria are required
Using UbiGo (MaaS) users can buy tickets for shared mobility and public transportation. At least car rental and public transport booking + payment can be made on site at an office desk or via phone call (only car rental, for PT only helpdesk).
Democratic Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No involvement): No involvement or consideration of stakeholder interests and user needs.
Discussion with the two main stakeholders was realized - the plans

were displayed in public and consultation meetings with the public were

held (following formal rules for this kind of building projects). Further consultation process around new station-area redesign is planned.
4 PT services:
2 shared services:
2 mobility-related services:
Parking for private cars
6 other services:
Waiting Rooms
Social Services (e.g. Community Center, Library …)
Luggage storage
Cafe / restaurant
Information, Visibility and Branding
logo or branding
information pillar/display (with information on using the services)
Information on potential conflicts (e.g., barriers between the modes that require to cross the road or walk extensively to use different modes)
Info point with personal assistance on all services available at the hub
Inclusive Design
Minimum legal inclusive design requirements are/were considered in the design of the hub.
Universal design principals are/were considered in the design of the hub.
Planner app
A multimodal travel planner is available with which at least public transport and one shared mode at the hub can be planned.
Local, regional and/or national policies and goals are integrated into the service.
Analogue, on-site booking alternatives are available for all modes.