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urban neighbourhood hub - small (two shared modes, <10 vehicles)


Short Description

Mobility hub Nassauhaven is located in the Rotterdam neighborhood Feijenoord, which is a poorer neighborhood with high numbers of residents with a migrant background. The hub is part of the Hely Hub network

Part of Hely Hub network in poorer neighborhood

How integration via Hely Hub influences use of hub

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Physical Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No physical integration): One shared transport mode, not at walking distance to public transport, no integration between the modes. No universal design criteria are considered
Possibility to rent car or go by bus. Further no modes of transport present. Also no sign that it is a mobility hub.
Digital Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No digital integration): No digital integration of shared and public transport mode options offered at the hub. There are separate services and platforms for each mode. No universal design criteria are required
Only shared cars are part of Hub but freefloating scooter and bikesharing is available in area.
Democratic Integration
Level 0
Definition 0 (No involvement): No involvement or consideration of stakeholder interests and user needs.
1 PT service:
2 shared services:
Bike sharing
3 mobility-related services:
Parking for private two wheeler vehicles
Parking for private cars