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Istanbul Living Lab
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Mobility hubs in unplanned and growing urban developments in an emerging economy.


To co-create mobility hubs in fast-growing neighborhoods that have seen a rapid population growth of vulnerable and low-income population groups without adequate urban and transportation planning.

  1. The mobility needs and issues of refugees, especially Syrian, female citizens, and citizens with limited digital skills are focus of the living lab.
  2. We will also focus on the mobility issues resulting as a consequence of new, low-income residential neighborhoods formed without adequate planning beforehand.
  3. The living lab will focus on three mainly problematic districts regarding this issue: Esenyurt, İkitelli, Bagcilar. The Esenyurt area, for example, has a population of more than 250,000 Syrians.
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Beylikdüzü Hub Smarthubs logo.png
Istanbul, Turkey
Beylikdüzü Hub
Istanbul, Turkey