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Run Time
until 23/10/31
Short Description

The Mo.Hub research project aims to combine diverse mobility offerings with attractive public space in the Grätzl. This is done by means of mobility stations - the Mo.Hubs. These will be developed together with the residents of the Grätzl, businesses, mobility service providers, politics and administration. As mobility stations, the Mo.Hubs link mobility offers and services services ranging from e-bikes and e-scooters to car-sharing vehicles. a demand-oriented means of transport for all journeys.

They thus promote intermodal, seamless and sustainable mobility. The shared use of vehicles means that fewer private cars are necessary and thus more space is available in the street. This means better accessibility for those who already travel without a private car. At the same time, it is an opportunity to switch from the little-used car to other mobility options. This can replace the private car in the long term and save money.

Freed-up space in public areas can be used for new mobility and attractive recreational areas. This means more space for:

>>> other forms of mobility such as cycling and walking >>> green space and recreational opportunities >>> and much more