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Welcome to the SmartHubs project's Open Data Platform!
The SmartHubs project examines mobility hubs, dedicated on-street locations where citizens can choose from different shared and sustainable mobility options. learn more...

On this platform you are able to view, edit and compare mobility hub learning examples. Integration levels, developed by the SmartHubs project team, allow standardized benchmarking and the planning of development goals for hubs. For more information on the integration levels see here: Overview on integration levels

Have a look on all hubs in table view, see which hubs are organized in an hub network or at which hubs providers are offering their services on the seperate sub-pages: Hubs, Networks, Providers. For research and innovation projects with dedicated case study hubs have a look on this sub-page.

in the database: 83 Hubs (9 of which are Case Studies in the SmartHubs Project), 17 Mobility Hub Networks, 68 Mobility Providers

Mobility Hubs

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Sorglos Mobil
Luzern, Switzerland

Hub in a new city district, carbon neutral district, carsharing, bikesharing, cargobikes, puplic transport credit, pilot project, housing-based, district combines living, working and leisure activities

urban-small Mobility Hub

Stockholm Central Station
Stockholm, Sweden

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes available using UbiGo

central-urban Mobility Hub

Służewiec, Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

First mobility hub in Poland, planned by a MaaS company (Vooom) to complement public transport services.


TIM Brauquartier Graz
Graz, Austria

Mobility Hub

TIM Jakominigürtel Graz
Graz, Austria

Mobility Hub

First draft.png
Smarthubs logo.png
Munich, Germany

Our main focus is to integrate passenger and freight transport, by placing Access points (UPS) and cargo bicycles near public transport stops and bike-sharing stations. Additional cargo bikes will be provided for renting.

The value added of a personal “mobility consultant” will be examined, targeting elderly and digitally limited skilled population groups.

A “Wish”list will be available for a co-design of the stations

central-urban Single Mobility Services

Torino Porta Nuova station
Torino, Italy

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes


Pixendorf, Austria

regional train station on the outer edge of Vienna, located quite distant from housing area

Single Mobility Services

VMobil Lustenau
Lustenau, Austria

Switch easily and quickly between train, bus, bike and e-car sharing in one place. As it is already the norm in large cities, it is to become easier in Vorarlberg to combine different environmentally friendly means of transport smoothly and flexibly with each other at the VMobil stations.

rural Mobility Hub

Verkehrsdrehscheibe Emmenbrücke
Luzern, Switzerland

Emmenbrücke railway station and bus station form an important public transport hub in the Lucerne agglomeration.

Its urban environment is currently being completely transformed. This is where a new regional centre with numerous additional jobs, flats and study places is beeing developed. So that this

area is equipped for the future, the Emmenbrücke traffic hub will be further expanded in the medium to long term.


Maria Tusch HUB.jpg
WienMobil Maria-Tusch-Straße
Vienna, Austria

urban-large Mobility Hub

WienMobil Simmering.jpeg
WienMobil Simmering
Vienna, Austria

urban-large Mobility Hub

Zagreb Train Station
Zagreb, Croatia

central-urban Single Mobility Services

Smarthubs logo.png
Zuidplein Hub
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Public Transport node in South of Rotterdam in challenging neighborhood

urban-large Single Mobility Services

Zurich Airport
Zurich, Switzerland

national Single Mobility Services

ZüriMobil Guggachpark
Zürich, Switzerland

An den ZüriMobil Stationen ist der Umstieg von einem Verkehrsmittel auf das andere noch einfacher. Alle Angebote der Mobilitätspartner sind nur wenige Meter voneinander entfernt.

urban-small Mobility Hub

eHUB Handelskade
Nijmegen, Netherlands

hub with shared electric cars and electric cargo bikes

urban-small Single Mobility Services

Griesfeld Smarthubs.jpeg
easymobil Griesfeld
Wiener Neudorf, Austria

Award-winning hub in Lower Austria with a tram connection to Vienna

urban-small Mobility Hub

Guntramsdorf Smarthubs Easymobil.jpeg
easymobil Guntramsdorf
Guntramsdorf, Austria

Mobility Hub

hi MOBIL Harbach
Klagenfurt, Austria

Mobility station located in a new city development area in the outskirts of Klagenfurt

urban-small Mobility Hub