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The SmartHubs project examines mobility hubs, dedicated on-street locations where citizens can choose from different shared and sustainable mobility options. learn more...

On this platform you are able to view, edit and compare mobility hub learning examples. Integration levels, developed by the SmartHubs project team, allow standardized benchmarking and the planning of development goals for hubs. For more information on the integration levels see here: Overview on integration levels

Have a look on all hubs in table view or see which hubs are organized in an hub network on the seperate sub-pages: Hubs, Networks. For research and innovation projects with dedicated case study hubs have a look on this sub-page.

in the database: 156 Hubs (9 of which are Case Studies in the SmartHubs Project), 26 Mobility Hub Networks

Mobility Hubs

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Hoppinpunt Leuven Parking Vaartkom
Leuven, Belgium

A mobility hub nearby a large car- and bike-parking in Leuven. At weekends, a free bus shuttle connects this mobility hub with the nearby historic city center. Source:


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Hoppinpunt Leuven Rector De Somerplein
Leuven, Belgium

This mobility hub is located in the historic city center of Leuven, at an important bus stop. It also offers cargo bikes and a waiting place for taxi's. It offers additional services such as bike repair and parcell lockers. It is one of the few places in Belgium where you can rent a pram.

Note: there is E-charging for bikes at this hub.



344296522 521068816893654 1794148902835021368 n.jpg
Hoppinpunt Leuven Sint-Jacobsplein
Leuven, Belgium

Mobility hub in the city center of Leuven, providing cargo bikes, bike sharing, bike parking and a (large) car parking (on the other side of the street). Source:


344299146 274210774945939 8771052084223014263 n.jpg
Hoppinpunt Leuven Sint-Maartensdal
Leuven, Belgium

Mobility hub in the city of Leuven that includes, as many hubs in the city, car-sharing and a Bpost parcel locker. Source:


Hoppinpunt Leuven Station NMBS
Leuven, Belgium

Mobility hub at the railway station of Leuven. Source:


344298692 968024294384614 1576311169956210020 n.jpg
Hoppinpunt Leuven Vaartstraat
Leuven, Belgium

Small neighbourhood mobility hub in the city center of Leuven, offering shared cars and cargo bikes. Source:


344297598 6074958309290091 2400899606273748523 n.jpg
Hoppinpunt Leuven Victor Broosplein
Leuven, Belgium

Small mobility hub in the city of Leuven, near a cultural center, offering shared cargo bikes and parcel lockers. Unfortunately, the postal lockers visualy block the cargo-bikes when looking from the analogue information pillar as the bikes are located behind the lockers. Source:


Hoppinpunt Wijgmaal Station NMBS
Leuven, Belgium

Mobility hub in the small village of Wijgmaal (3.700 inhabitants), which is a part of the city of Leuven. The hub is branded as a 'Hoppin point', the brand that is being introduced in all of Flanders. The hub is situated at the village's railway station. Train, bus, shared car and cargo bike can be found at one minute from the hub. Bpost parcel lockers are available at the hub. The location has been designed in cooperation with the neighbourhood and was on the city's wishlist for developing a mobility hub. A participation moment was organised. Source:


hub Groningen Hoogkerk
Groningen, Netherlands

Hub P+R Hoogkerk is located on the edge of the city of Groningen, near Peizermade, at the exit of the A7. part of Groningen hub network with multiple services


Munich, Germany

Address Kidlerplatz

Car sharing stationary 7 parking spaces Electric charging infrastructure 4 charging ports (AC) Info desk yes

Bicycles MVG Bike


Leipzig Mobil
Leipzig, Germany

Group of mobility stations (28) from the transport service authority (LVB) Collaboration between private and public entities, together with citizens participation for the allocation of new stations.


Smarthubs logo.png
Leyenburg Hub
The Hague, Netherlands

Mobility Hub at larger public transit station with shared mobility, bike parking, automated shuttle, next to a hospital. large transit hub (tram, bus, automated shuttle, shared modes)


Lindwurmstraße 85
Munich, Germany

Address Goetheplatz - Lindwurmstraße 85

Carsharing Freefloating 2 parking spaces Carsharing Stationary 2 parking spaces Electric charging infrastructure 4 charging ports (AC) Info desk yes Bicycles MVG Rad

Electric bicycles MVG eRad


Linz Hauptplatz
Linz, Austria

The central main square in Linz comes equipped with many transportation offers including Linz AG buses and streetcars, tourism-focussed transport like the Pöstlingberg tram and Linz City Express train, TIM carsharing, taxi services, and active mobility lanes for bicycles and scooters. Although through traffic of private automobiles is allowed, it is still very pedestrian friendly with many areas to walk and relax, as well as a farmers market each Saturday.


Ljubljana Central Railway and bus station
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Luxembourg Gare Centrale
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Central station in the city of Luxembourg. It offers (inter)national rail connections, busses, shared bikes (Vel'OH) and shared cars (FLEX).


Main Street Blanchardstown
Dublin, Ireland

The hub comprises five parking bays with specific colour-coordinated functions including age-friendly, disabled, electric vehicle charging, bike rack (bike share and public), and car sharing. Source:


Mantova Central Station
Mantova, Italy

Central Station with public transportation and bike sharing


The Hague, Netherlands

The mobility hub Mariahoeve is located at a small train station located at the edge of The Hague in the neighbourhood Burgen en Horsten.

Train station but only very few other services and low integration levels

how a hub with low integration levels but large PT supply is used.


Matosinhos, Portugal

create a smart neighbourhood, as a low carbon space, resilient, accessible, participated and connected.

urban-small planned