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Status: closed · ongoing · planned
Physical Integration Level: 0 · 1 · 2
Digital Integration Level: 0 · 1 · 2
Democratic Integration Level: 0 · 1 · 2
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Munich, Germany

Address Zenettiplatz 2

Carsharing Freefloating 2 parking spaces Carsharing Stationary 3 Parking spaces Electric charging infrastructure 4 charging ports (AC) Info desk yes Bicycles MVG Rad

Electric bicycles MVG eRad


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Zuidplein Hub
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Public Transport node in South of Rotterdam in challenging neighborhood


Zurich Airport
Zurich, Switzerland


ZüriMobil Guggachpark
Zürich, Switzerland

An den ZüriMobil Stationen ist der Umstieg von einem Verkehrsmittel auf das andere noch einfacher. Alle Angebote der Mobilitätspartner sind nur wenige Meter voneinander entfernt.

ZüriMobil Network

Stations at: Stations Flurstrasse in Zürich Altstetten, Seebach und Heuried


Hub Korneuburg.jpeg
ÖBB 360° Korneuburg
Korneuburg, Austria

The city of Korneuburg offers a wide range of mobility services (car sharing, (e-) bike sharing, cargobike sharing, scooter sharing). All modes can be reserved/booked via the wegfinder APP and are billed via it.


ÖBB 360° Leoben
Leoben, Austria

Leoben offers Car Sharing and E-Scooter Sharing. Car Sharing (ÖBB Rail&Drive) is located next to the train station with 7 cars. E-Scooter Sharing stations are distributed throughout the city.