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Welcome to the SmartHubs project's Open Data Platform!
The SmartHubs project examines mobility hubs, dedicated on-street locations where citizens can choose from different shared and sustainable mobility options. learn more...

On this platform you are able to view, edit and compare mobility hub learning examples. Integration levels, developed by the SmartHubs project team, allow standardized benchmarking and the planning of development goals for hubs. For more information on the integration levels see here: Overview on integration levels

Have a look on all hubs in table view, see which hubs are organized in an hub network or at which hubs providers are offering their services on the seperate sub-pages: Hubs, Networks, Providers. For research and innovation projects with dedicated case study hubs have a look on this sub-page.

in the database: 83 Hubs (9 of which are Case Studies in the SmartHubs Project), 17 Mobility Hub Networks, 68 Mobility Providers

Mobility Hubs

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Democratic Integration Level: 0 · 1 · 2 · 3
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hub Groningen Hoogkerk
Groningen, Netherlands

Hub P+R Hoogkerk is located on the edge of the city of Groningen, near Peizermade, at the exit of the A7.

urban-fringe Mobility Hub

Hub Korneuburg.jpeg
ÖBB 360° Korneuburg
Korneuburg, Austria

urban-small Mobility Hub

ÖBB 360° Leoben
Leoben, Austria

Mobility Hub