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Welcome to the SmartHubs project's Open Data Platform!
The SmartHubs project examines mobility hubs, dedicated on-street locations where citizens can choose from different shared and sustainable mobility options. learn more...

On this platform you are able to view, edit and compare mobility hub learning examples. Integration levels, developed by the SmartHubs project team, allow standardized benchmarking and the planning of development goals for hubs. For more information on the integration levels see here: Overview on integration levels

Have a look on all hubs in table view, see which hubs are organized in an hub network or at which hubs providers are offering their services on the seperate sub-pages: Hubs, Networks, Providers. For research and innovation projects with dedicated case study hubs have a look on this sub-page.

in the database: 83 Hubs (9 of which are Case Studies in the SmartHubs Project), 17 Mobility Hub Networks, 68 Mobility Providers

Mobility Hubs

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Gare Lille Flandres Interchange
Lille, France

One of the two mobility hubs of the "Euraflandres" interchange project.


Gare de Clermont-Ferrand
Clermont-Ferrand, France

Reorganization of the different transport modes in the station


Gothenburg Central Station
Gothenburg, Sweden

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes available using UbiGo

central-urban Mobility Hub

Great Glen House
Inverness, United Kingdom


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Haagse Markt
The Hague, Netherlands

Public Transport stop next to large market in a challenging neighborhood

urban-large Single Mobility Services

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Hamburg hvv switch - Station Berliner Tor
Hamburg, Germany

Station Berliner Tor is a mobility hub in the inner city of Hamburg, Germany. It is one of 18 mobility hubs that were created (or added to previously existing stations) by hvv switch. Berliner Tor is also a transport nodal point.

Carsharing, Bikesharing, Bike+Ride and hvv switch partners (SHARE NOW, SIXT share, MILES and cambio) can be used. An electrical charging point is also available. The vehicles from these companies can be parked and taken from the hvv switch stations. Special about the station Berliner Tor is: - availability of multiple transportation modes apart from the hvv switch modes: tube, tram, bus - and an additional bike rental station (StadtRAD Hamburg)

- multiple restaurant options, banks, green spaces (parks)

central-urban Mobility Hub

Hilton Community Centre
Inverness, United Kingdom


Hoppin Heverlee Station
Leuven, Belgium

Hoppin Heverlee Station is the first of 50 mobility points in the Belgium town of Leuven. All mobility points in Flanders are branded 'Hoppin'.


Inverness Railway Station
Inverness, United Kingdom


Inverness University Campus
Inverness, United Kingdom


Leipzig Mobil
Leipzig, Germany

Group of mobility stations (28) from the transport service authority (LVB)


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Leyenburg Hub
The Hague, Netherlands

Mobility Hub at larger public transit station with shared mobility, bike parking, automated shuttle, next to a hospital.

central-urban Single Mobility Services

Loch Ness
Inverness, United Kingdom


Matosinhos, Portugal

create a smart neighbourhood, as a low carbon space, resilient, accessible, participated and connected.


Main Street
Dublin, Ireland


Mantova Central Station
Mantova, Italy

Central Station with public transportation and bike sharing

central-urban Mobility Hub

The Hague, Netherlands

The mobility hub Mariahoeve is located at a small train station located at the edge of The Hague in the neighbourhood Burgen en Horsten.

urban-large Single Mobility Services

Milano Central Station
Milan, Italy

Central Station with public transportation and other different modes

central-urban Single Mobility Services

Mobility Hub Valencia
Valencia, Spain

planned mobility hub together with the project Startup Valencia and inside the Connected Mobility Hub project


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Mobility Point Bruno Marek Allee
Vienna, Austria

housing-based, decentralized hub, with carsharing, bikesharing and PT nearby

urban-small Smart Mobility Hub